To make roads safe by:
  • Establishing a procedure for the effective and expeditious adjudication of infringements;
  • Alleviating the burden on the courts of trying offenders for infringements;
  • Penalizing drivers and operators who are guilty of infringements or offences through the imposition of demerit points leading to the suspension and cancellation of driving licences, professional driving permits or operator cards; and
  • rewarding law-abiding behaviour by reducing demerit points if infringements or offences are not committed over a specific period

In a nutshell, AARTO is being introduced to improve law abiding and safer driving behaviour in order to reduce road accidents.

Pay fine

DiscountPay within 32 days and get a 50% discount!
After 32 days, the total penalty amount for the main charges must be paid. There are several ways of making a payment.


Nominate the driver
Did you receive a ticket, but you were not the driver of the vehicle? You may nominate the actual driver who committed the infringement or the person who was in control of the vehicle.
Traffic Charges
ChargesThe National Road Traffic Offence Charge Book is divided into several categories and contains short descriptions of road traffic offences, charge codes, penalty amounts, demerit points, and references to legislation.
Review my options

TimelineOn receiving a ticket (formally called an Infringement Notice), a Courtesy letter, an Enforcement order, or a Warrant of execution, you have certain options available to you under AARTO.

Make a representation

Do you believe there are reasonable grounds for cancelling your ticket? You may submit a representation (i.e. a sworn statement) indicating why you should not be held liable.

Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences